Parent Testimonials

To us you are not “Nursery”, you’re my children’s home from home. The place where they are happy and content and look forward to going to everyday. The support that you have given us is so very appreciated.

Christine Spence (parent)

It’s been so good with ivy her confidence has grown so much thank you all.

Sarah Kempson (parent)

Can’t believe abbey has just had her last day at Fit Cap Nursery.we will miss the wonderful staff . Thank you for giving abbey the best start ready for school . I will recommend Fit Cap Nursery to everyone xxxx.

Stacey Collins (parent)

Fitcap nursery is brilliant. Staff are approachable, friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much for them.
My children started last September. Within 2 weeks of being there they were coming home telling me their alphabet and singing songs.
They make the classroom a fun environment for the children to learn in.
They have lots of different activities throughout the day to keep the children engaged.
The food is also really good.
I would recommend Fitcap to anyone thinking of using childcare.
Keep up the good work Fitcap.

Lisa Ford (parent)

Would highly recommend this nursery, cant thank them enough for the hard work and time they put into the children in the setting. My son loves going to nursery and since going here I have noticed a huge improvement in his learning before his journey to school. The staff are lovely and friendly and always go above and beyond. Once again thank you and would definitely recommend xx

Jessica Brooks (parent)

My 5 year old son attended this nursery, he is at big school now but I honestly believe that going here gave him the best start in life, all the staff was wonderful and always went above and beyond for the children and family’s. I will always remember all the staff from fitcap and how amazing u all were. Definitely would recommend this nursery ❤️

Laurisa Hobday (parent)

One of my children attended from 4 months to 4 years old. They still want to go back.

This is more than a business it’s a family where you’re made to feel included, there are trips, family oriented days and activities all aimed at helping build up your child’a confidence as well as reaching their full potential in a safe

Christine Spence (parent)

Lovely nursery and lovely staff. Completely help you with your child and take your lead on how they work with them. Would highly recommend x

Megan Mc (parent)

My granddaughter attended Fitcap and had an amazing start on her learning Journey. Fun, friendly, caring and hard working staff make this a fab nursery for your little ones. Thank you. X

Bev Crawford (parent)

My son really enjoyed going to this setting, the staff are very friendly and welcoming and have loads of opportunities for parents to go in and see how well your child is doing and they put on little plays too, amazing team and setting! Highly recommend!

Nicola Park (parent)

All my children have attended Fitcap Nursery… my youngest started at 4 months old. They supported me through the transition of my daughter as I went back to work especially with her being so young. My eldest two children go to the afterschool club which is great as they interact with other children from different schools and in different age ranges which has built their confidence up. The girls are amazing and enjoy all the feedback what my children do by a software they used called babydays!! I see pictures of what they get upto and I feel like I’m apart of the nursery family Thankyou for making me feel at ease children are in your care!

Emma Dean (parent)

this nursery helped with my grandaughter learning needs above and beyond. They are brilliant, very friendly, very professional and very passionate about the children they look after. F rom a shy little girl to a very outspoke litlte girl. brilliant nursery.

Rebecca Tilley (grandparent)

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